Academic Users

Request Educational Discount

Educational Discounts

Many schools and educational institutions have asked us to offer inexpensive multi-user and single user licenses of our software products.

We are pleased to announce that accredited educational institutions can now purchase our products with a discount up to 30% off the regular prices.

Please complete the form to have a FabulaTech sales representative contact you.


If you are a student...

You're a student and want to buy our product(s) for your personal use? Not a problem! You can get even better prices.

Scan your student ID card (if your school ID doesn't have your photo on it, you'll also need to scan a copy of your driver's license or passport with your photo), print the scanned image (or just make a photocopy), and write the following below the image:

"I certify that I'm a student of <educational institution name>."

Write the date, your full name, and sign the document.

Fax it to us and send us an e-mail indicating the product(s) you'd like to buy. That's it! We'll e-mail you back with detailed payment instructions.

Government Users

Request Government Discount

FabulaTech offers advantageous pricing conditions for the following institutions:

  • Government agencies of all levels (national and local) worldwide
  • Law Enforcement agencies
  • Non-profit organizations

The discount is up to 20% off the list price for all our products. The discount applies if the products are purchased directly from our company. Government, Law Enforcement, and Non-profit customers who purchase our products from our partners/resellers are not eligible for the discount.

To benefit from the advantageous pricing conditions you have to provide FabulaTech with a justifiable proof before or with your order that your institution belongs to a group of institutions as specified above.

Please complete the form to have a FabulaTech sales representative contact you.

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