Configuring the Program

To change the program preferences you can select the Preferences item in the tray menu or click the Compression Settings button in the scanning window.

General Preferences

Scanner for Remote Desktop General Preferences
TWAIN Scanning Properties Dialog Location
This option allows to choose where the TWAIN Scanning Properties dialog will be shown: on the Server side (FabulaTech scanning dialog), or the Workstation (Native scanner vendor dialog).
Force the TWAIN Scanning Properties dialog
Mark this checkbox if you need to adjust scanning settings every time you scan, even if the scanning application does not call the scanning settings dialog.
Use vendor-defined names for TWAIN scanners
Use this option if your scanning software requires specific hardware for operation.
Hide webcam type imaging devices
By default webcams are listed as imaging devices. Use this option to hide webcams and view only scanners.
Check for new program version every 15 days
When new versions are available you will be prompted to update Scanner for Remote Desktop.

Compression Settings

Scanner for Remote Desktop Compression Settings

There are few image compression algorithms available in the Scanner for Remote Desktop. You can choose suitable among the next options.

Compression disabled
Disabling compression increases the size of the data being transferred but it reduces CPU usage. It works best for slow computers.
Lossless compression
Enabling Lossless compression reduces the size of the data being transferred and here is no loss in image quality. It works best with text documents.
Lossy compression (JPEG)
Enabling Lossy JPEG compression significantly reduces the size of the data being transferred with slight loss in image quality. It works best with full-color images and photos. You can adjust compression level using the slider below.
Use scanner hardware compression
If enabled, the program will try to compress images using scanner's driver. If scanner does not support own compression methods, the compression will be performed by Scanner for Remote Desktop.


Scanner for Remote Desktop Defaults

Use this dialog to specify the scanner that will be connected at login or disable it. These settings are separate for TWAIN and WIA scanners. Auto-select is configured by default for both TWAIN and WIA scanners.