Working in Seamless Mode

Seamless mode is a remote desktop feature that allows to display only specified remotely hosted application without forwarding the whole desktop. In this mode Scanner for Remote Desktop tray icon cannot be displayed, but there are options to access it via the title bar of scanning applications or publishing Scanner for Remote Desktop tray application.

Title Bar Menu

To enable Scanner for Remote Desktop menu in the title bar of third-party applications, specify the list of required applications in the following registry location on the Server side:

Name Type Value
IncludeProcesses REG_SZ app1.exe,app2.exe,app3.exe

Sign out and sign in to the session to apply changes. After that, to switch between different scanners right-click on the title bar of the application working in seamless mode, go to the Scanner for Remote Desktop item and choose the scanner.

Enabling the Tray Icon

In order to display the tray icon, it's needed to publish Scanner for Remote Desktop tray application and then launch it.

Note for Windows Server 2008 users.