Using Scanner for Remote Desktop Server

When you login to your remote desktop session, the scanner attached to your local computer will appear as available in your session automatically.

Scanners List

It will be shown as FabulaTech Virtual WIA Scanner and FabulaTech Virtual TWAIN Scanner in your operating system. In the remote session, these scanners will appear in your application's list of devices. The actual scanning will be performed by the hardware scanner connected to the local computer.

With Scanner for Remote Desktop you can use local scanners in remote Windows session.

If you have more than one hardware scanner attached to the local computer, they will be listed in the tray context menu. The list of scanners is divided into two parts: scanners working via TWAIN and WIA interfaces. One selected scanner from each section will be connected to your remote desktop. If you want to connect the other scanner, select the one you need from the list of scanners in the tray context menu. The same physical scanner can appear both in TWAIN and WIA sections as it may support both scanning interfaces.