Migration and Reinstallation

Regular license key allows to update the product during a specified time period, generally 12 months, or more if the additional Update Subscription was purchased. When this period is over, you should either renew Update Subscription, in order to be able to continue update the product, or use any version of the product released within the Update Subscription term. You can find the final date to which your Update Subscription is valid in the License information message with your product key, received from FabulaTech.

It's recommended to disconnect all devices which may interact with the Scanner for Remote Desktop before reinstalling or migrating the product.


In order to migrate the license from one location (source) to another (destination), it's needed to uninstall the software from the source location and reboot it.

After that it's possible to install the software to the new destination location and apply the license key there.

In case if the source location is corrupted or lost (computer failure, virtual machine destroying...), you can just install the product on new PC.


Download the desired version of the Scanner for Remote Desktop from the product's website. Legacy versions of the product are also available from the download page or by request.

Ensure that your license key is valid for the desired version. If it's not valid, you can order the Update Subscription in order to get the new license key otherwise the product will be installed with 15-day trial.

Install the product and apply the license key there.

New version of the product should be installed on both sides: Server and all Workstation sides. Firstly install Workstations, then Server.